Rembrandt - The Strolling Musicians

Framed Etching: Rembrandt The Strolling Musicians

We are proud to offer a beautiful example of Rembrandt Harmenzoons van Rijn artwork in the form of this 1635 etching entitled, The Strolling Musicians. A copy of this etching can also be found in the collection of the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Our Prints and Multiples Art Specialist believes our copy is most likely a “First State”, with thread margins. It is in good overall condition aside from a small nick at the upper sheet edge.

Rembrandt The Strolling Musicians Plate Detail

Although Holland had few notable composers, Rembrandt shows that Holland’s people still had a rich relationship to both playing and listening to music. This etching shows 17th century Holland as a brief interlude into Dutch daily life. Two musicians play a hurdy gurdy and a set of bagpipes at the doorway of a family. The scene depicted is solemn to all but the child, who is the only one apparently smiling.

This etching may be as far as you can get from the famed The Nightwatch being so diminutive in size at only 5 ½ x 4 ½in. (13.9 x 11.5 cm/plate) but it is no less engaging as a keyhole look into the past.

Rembrandt The Strolling Musicians: Plate Detail 2

Our friends at Christie’s have made a wonderful video highlighting the process involved with making etchings. It is a quick watch and worth your while:

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