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Estate Jewelry Sold at Auction by Fine Estate, Inc.

Comprehensive Auction Services

Fine Estate, Inc. is a full service Auction Gallery. Our staff will walk you through our step by step process, ask about your time lines and make recommendations to assist you in making quality decisions that achieve your goals.

Poul Kjaerholm Table and Chairs Sold By Fine Estate, Inc.
Poul Kjaerholm Table and Chairs Sold By Fine Estate, Inc.

We are A Great Auction Choice

Our monthly auctions offer collectors a wide selection of unique property including jewelry, fine art, silver, decorative arts, collectibles and Asian works of art. Our curated sales target specific market segments and collecting interest. We are a local to San Rafael auction company offering services to the entire San Francisco Bay Area.

Coin Collection Sold by Fine Estate, Inc. for $350,000
Coin Collection Sold by Fine Estate, Inc. for $350,000

We Have A Worldwide Auction Audience

Our auction events are well marketed. They combine traditional advertising with digital media including online ads, social media and email blasts to our proprietary customer database. Our goal is simple - to maximize returns for our clients, while providing the best service and experience possible.

online bidding
Online Bidding

We use international bid platforms so your items receive the attention of worldwide buyers.

digital marketing
Digital Marketing

We extensively post information across Social Media and advertise sales on major media websites.

print marketing
Print Marketing

We create notable & creative ads and place them in newspapers and magazines.

Expansive Email Marketing
Email Marketing

We have a large well managed buyer based email list with industry high open rates.

Eduard Gaertner Painting Sold by Fine Estate for $255,000
Eduard Gaertner Painting Sold by Fine Estate for $255,000

How To Consign To Our Auction Gallery

Give us a call to schedule an appointment. We will send a qualified specialist to visit your home or site to perform a complimentary in-home walk through.

An alternative to a home visit, is to schedule an office visit. Have items you want us to view? We're happy to discuss single items or the details of your project.

You may send us photos. We will review each of them and then communicate our thoughts back to you in a timely fashion.

Every Tuesday from 2:00pm-5:00pm we invite you to bring in 1-3 items (only) for our specialists to access and give you a verbal evaluation.

R. J. Horner Cabinet: $10,8000
R. J. Horner Cabinet: $10,8000

Our Research Leads To Results

Collectively our staff has over 125 years of experience in the auction business. Together we have assisted thousands of families to reach their sales goals. We have found and sold: A million dollar pearl; Babe Ruth's Bat;  many thousands of modestly valued $200 items, a million dollar pearl, quarter million dollar paintings, and yes, a Coca-Cola Lucite Commemorative we sold for $2,750.

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