Local Shippers 

These local shippers will pick up from our locations then package, ship, and deliver to the destination of choice.

454 Las Gallinas Ave.
San Rafael, CA 94903
T (415) 472-2533 - F (415) 472-0603
[email protected]

The UPS Store - Montecito Plaza
San Rafael, CA 94901
(415) 457-6909
[email protected]


Packaging Store
Berkeley, CA 94703
(415) 457-6909
[email protected]


Local & National Movers

Local Moves covers Northern California from Sonoma and Marin counties, SF, East Bay and more. Plycon would be the ones to transport to Los Angeles and anywhere else across the USA.

Local Moves
Rafael Garcia
(415) 320-4433
[email protected]


Plycon Transportation Group
Jay Juliano
(631) 973-3088
[email protected]

NorCal to SoCal Shipping

Delbert McCrea
[email protected]

This company has a service that moves items up and down the length of the state of California.

International Shippers 

These places have great options on international, art specific, and more. They pick up from us and go from there!

World Air & Ocean Services Inc.
461 Littlefield Ave,
South San Francisco, CA 94080
Contact: Richard Ming
(650) 952-1041
Provides Chinese
Language Services

Ship/Art International
P.O. Box 1966
South San Francisco, CA 94083-1966
Phone: (650) 952-0100
Fax: (650) 952-8958