Portrait of an 18th Century Noble Woman

One of the more unusual pieces we are offering is this portrait of an elegant Lady of the Court of Louis XV, dressed in a 'Robe a la Francaise' with lace and ribbon trim. She is seated at a dressing table with a string of pearls in hand.

painting from the movie the sting

What adds to the unique character of this piece is that it comes from the collection of James W. Payne. Payne was a set decorator who won an Academy Award for 'Best Art Decoration' for the movie The Sting in which this painting was featured. The movie starred Robert Redford, Paul Newman and Robert Shaw.

The portrait appears on screen hanging behind Robert Shaw as he is confronted by Robert Redford in his upscale apartment as seen in the video clip below.

The portrait is in the style of Boucher's Portrait of Madame Pompadour of 1750 and set within a gilt Rococo frame with ribbon tied finial.

Portrait: 20th century, frame: 19th century

Dimensions: 38in. x 51in. (96cm x 130cm)

Framed: 44in. x 62in. (112cm x 157cm)

Condition: 4in. tear at the left of the figure.


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