Ferdinand Burgdorff Painting at Auction

This Painting will be offered at our May 21, 2023 Auction.

Ferdinand Burgdorff was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1881. He made his way from there to California, following the expansion of the rails as America pushed from its heartland towards the west and the promise of expanded possibilities.

During this journey, In awe of of the land all around him, virtually untouched or spoiled by human industry, he painted vast streches of deserts, mountains and streams.

He first settled in Carmel, but also had brief residedces in Marin County and the East Bay.

He was a member of the Bohemian Club, exhibited at the 1939 Treasure Island Expositions as well as publishing many illustrations in eary issues of Sunset Magazine. He was successful in his life time, and lived in Pebble Beach in a home designed by Bernard Maybeck where he passed in 1975 at the age of 94 years old.

His paintings are in the collections of the De Young Museum, San Francisco, the Oakland Museum, the Cleveland Museum of Art, as well as the Carmel Art Association

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