Spanish Dueling Pistols

Dueling, the protecting of ones good name or dignity by means  of meeting on the Field of Honor to "Blaze Away" in the words of the Irish, who first codified the rules of dueling (Clonmel Code) had its beginnings in Renaissance Italy.

This magnificent, silver and gold inlaid matched pair of dueling pistols has a very interesting origin story.

During the War of 1812, The Amiable Isabella, a ship captained by Don Francisco Cacho left Cuba for England and Germany and was sized on the high seas by an American Privateer. The ship and all its cargo was confiscated. This began a long legal battle all the way to the US Supreme Court, where the ships original owners successfully made their case. These dueling pistols, are thought to have been given as a gift to Capitan Francisco Cacho by the ships owners, after the matter had been successfully resolved in 1821


Mexican & Australian Fire Opal Jewelry

Since their first discovery in Červenica during Roman times, opals have captured the imagination of millions of people for many hundreds of years; from Aztecs, to East Africans to the Royal Courts of Europe.

Whether its black, white, or crystal opal from Australian or Jellies from Mexico, opals are endlessly variable and enduringly fascinating.

We have a very interesting cluster of Mexican Jelly Opals set within a brooch, doubling as a pendant with a matching pair of earrings that came from an estate in Pacific Grove California.

Qing Dynasty Imperial Dragon Robe

These embroidered robes are startling intricate. This example is likely circa 1900, which means it was made and worn by a high status individual during the late Qing Dynasty. This is a five claw dragon robe.

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Antique & Vintage Diamond Jewelry

Just like in each of our Fine Estate, Inc. Auctions, we feature many jewelry items, including this wonderful blue enamel, and diamond wrapped snake bracelet, as well as jewelry from Victorian, Edwardian and recent time periods.


This auction has many fantastic works of art created by celebrated artists of note: Alfredo Zalce, Ferdinand Burgdorff, Si Chen Yuan, Philipp Rumpf, Douglas Volk and Terence David La Noue. All styles and tempermants of art are represented, from Abstract to Impressionism, from the East Coast to the West Coast.

Matilde Poulat

Matilde Poulat, who signed her work "Matl" the Aztec word for water, was born in 1900. Her first artistic pursuit was to study painting and design at the San Carlos Academy in Mexico City.

One of her first mentors in jewelry making was P. Ochoa a silversmith of considerable talent whose works today are very scarce. Matilde opened up shop in 1934 and never looked back. Her work was often copied but never duplicated.

Her signature look took inspirations from the Mixtec people of Monte Alban, Oaxaca. Her every piece, is a work of art.

We have two beautiful pieces in this auction by this remarkable woman.