Fine Timepieces

We are highlighting this Rolex GMT-Master watch referred to as the “Pepsi Watch” because it features a blue and red bezel, evocative of the colors of the Pepsi logo. This Rolex color combination is iconic and instantly recognizable. The colors chosen were designed to assist pilots distinguish between day and night hours on the GMT hand while traversing different time zones. This Rolex model has a Tiffany Dial With the famous Pepsi color way.

A Rolex that is as famous as the stars who wear it. Here is a list of some owners of this watch model:

  • Daniel Craig 
  • Orlando Bloom
  • Howard Kendrick 
  • Ellen DeGeneres
  • Sylvester Stallone
  • James Spader (on “The Blacklist”)
  • Tom Selleck (Magnum PI)
  • John Mayer
Rolex GMT Master Pepsi

We are also featuring a classic Rolex Oyster Perpetual 14k Watch. Celebrities who also wear this style of timepiece are: LeBron James, Roger Federer, Mark Wahlberg and more. 

There are two Cartier Tank Watches, A Gent's Gubelin Chronograph Wristwatch, and several golden wrist watches as well as pocket watches in this auction. 

Cretan and Turkish Blades

Cretan blades have a long history that was influenced by the island's strategic location at the intersection of Asia, Africa, and Europe. The Cretan blade developed a distinctive style that is often characterized by their curved shape, single-edged blades, and intricate engravings. These blades served as status symbols, functional tools and markers of cultural identity.

The "Yatagan," type blade is one of the most well known examples of Cretan blades (lots 196, and 197). It is a type of Turkish sword that was also popular in Crete. These swords are identified by their double-curved blades and hilt designs. The blade's curvature makes it an effective and versatile weapon. Cretan craftspeople and blacksmiths were celebrated for their skill in creating these blades and would often decorate them with ornate engravings.

Like Crete, Turkish blades were influenced by various cultures, migrations, and conquests. One of the most iconic Turkish blades is the "Kilij" or "Kilic," a type of one-edged, curved sword (lot 206). The Kilij's design allowed for efficient cutting and slicing, making it a formidable weapon in close combat. Turkish blades were not just tools of war but also symbols of prestige and culture. These were valuable heirlooms passed down through generations.

 Sterling Silver

International Sterling Royal Danish Pattern Flatware

August 20th Auction

We have some standout sterling serving pieces in this auction. Featured are a Gorham Sovereign pattern 131 piece flatware set (lot 119),  an International Sterling Royal Danish Pattern 96 piece flatware set (Lot 143), a Gorham Chantilly 84 piece flatware set (lot 132), A Wallace Sterling 'Grand Baroque' Pattern 89 piece flatware set (lot 146),  lastly we have a Shreve sterling tea and coffee set all in the Baroque style with domed lid, gadrooned banding at rim and foot, acanthus decorated handle and spout (lot141).



Gorham Sterling Royal Danish Pattern Flatware

August 20th Auction

Charla Ilgner Silver Plate Covered Bowl

August 20th Auction

Steinway Model M. Grand Piano

Steinway Piano 1927 Serial No. 251280 Mahogany case. 65in X 57’ X39In.

Bronze Statuary

bronze statues august fine auction in San Rafael California

We are featuring four bronze statues in this fine auction. Pictured here is an Angelo Basso (Italian b. 1943) Bronze Patinated figure of a dancer. Her flowing hair forms a gilt fan, above a marble plinth. It stands 38 inches tall. Also pictured is the Pierre Roche (French 1855-1922) Bronze titled, “Diane" which stands 28 ½ inches tall.

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