Fine Estate Inc. is a proud founding board member of the National Estate Sales Association (NESA).

Estate sales and estate liquidation has become a billion dollar a year industry. More companies than ever are helping families reach their personal property sales goals. A truly astounding avalanche of “stuff” is coming into the marketplace everyday as baby boomers retire, families relocate, and families seek avenues to sell their inherited personal property.

There are literally thousands of public estate sales taking place in homes each and every weekend. Interestingly enough, there are two things in short supply for families and or estate sale companies who conduct estate sales.

  1. Well founded consumer information, presented in a transparent and educational manner.
  2. Agreed upon ethical codes and standards by which companies can employ best practices.

In the fall of 2014, ten estate sales companies from different parts of the country met in New York for three days with the intended purpose of establishing a trade association whose mission is to protect consumers and as well as to promote industry best practices.

The results of our face to face meetings and countless teleconference calls now provides a bridge of communication between companies and consumers as well as between companies and relevant regulatory bodies.

Our company agrees that a public good arises from an industry willing to educate consumers and conform to an agreed upon code of ethics.

Martin Codina
Founding Chair, NESA.