San francisco Bay Area estate sales graphic of a child

Why come to one of our Estate Sales?

10 Reasons to shop our estate sales:

  1. We keep you informed via emails and website updates.
  2. We post as many as 500 pictures for every sale.
  3. We provide detailed and categorical sales descriptions.
  4. We attractively set up and maintain dignified sale sites.
  5. We have a polite and experienced sales team.
  6. We have sales that are diverse, eclectic and interesting.
  7. We provide coffee and donuts on Friday mornings.
  8. We create fun on Saturdays by having a cash raffle.
  9. We are willing to negotiate prices when appropriate.
  10. We have a team with over 50 years of experience.

Fine Estate Inc. is committed to our customers as well as to our clients, and recognize though each of them have different agendas,  both desire a similar outcome: to buy or sell all manner of personal property in the most efficient and dignified manner.

Martin Codina

Fine Estate, Inc. is a San Francisco Bay Area Company offering auction and consignment services.