Moose's Restaurant Sign

There are few San Francisco sign artifacts left intact on the buildings they once graced. Those that are left are in museums and or are in private collections. To put a pun spin to it, that's just the sign of the times, everything changes.

It is rare though that something this iconic, that represents part of the imagination of a neighborhood comes up for auction. Is it an exaggeration to to call this sign Iconic? We think not.

Ed Moose was a partner in a bar and restaurant on the edge of North Beach called Washington Square Bar and Grill, long regaled as a place where the rich and famous sat down for long martini lunches and nipped into delicious plates of food.

In about 1990, Ed Moose and his partner sold the "Washbag" and for contractual reasons could not open another competing restaurant for two long years. In 1992 Ed located a new space across Columbus Ave overlooking Washingington Square, in the very heart and center of Norh Beach. He retired or sold the place in 2005.

This sign is vita expression of San Francisco's past...

For your consideration, we are adding a link to our auction here, Moose's Sign.

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