Which is Best for You?

How do you choose between an Estate Sales Professional and a Professional Organizer

Both Are Experts at Organizing 

Estate Sales Professionals: A good estate sales professional or an estate liquidator has developed the ability to understand and answer the following four questions about your personal property.

  1. What is the item?
  2. What is the items value?
  3. Where should the item be sold?
  4. What is the best way to organize an estate sale?

When the best way to derive financial value from the contents of a house is to stage an on-site estate sale or when certain high-value items need to be marketed via an auction, an estate sales professional is the preferred person to do this.

Professional Organizers:  A good professional organizer, organizes personal property for easy future use, or when it needs to be moved to another location. The four questions a professional organizer answers are:

  1. Is the item needed?
  2. Is there room for the item?
  3. Where will the item be placed?
  4. What new skills can a client be shown?

Organizers are an integral part of the team a client facing the challenges of moving, or downsizing needs to employ to help them make decisions regarding the best ways to organize their property for future use.

Your Best Choice

Your best choice is entirely dependent on the particulars of your situation. In general, if you are looking to sell items, it's important that you seek advice from companies who have a demonstrated record of selling personal property, but if you are looking for help organizing a move, or optimizing the usefulness of a space, then a professional organizer is your clear choice.

Thank You,
Martin Codina

Founder of Fine Estate

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