Fine Estate Consignment Showroom Interior

Our Consignment Showroom is located at 502 Irwin St. San Rafael, CA.

We Sell Your Personal Property

Grand Father Clock Interior of the Fine Estate, Inc. Estate Showroom

Our 6,000 sq ft. Estate Consignment Showroom features the sale of Antiques and Mid-Century as well as Contemporary furniture.

Each monthly sale also contains a rich selection of Fine Jewelry, Timepieces, Sterling Silver, Art, Coins, and every kind of Collectible.

We Are a Project Based Consignment Solution

Homes - Apartments - Condos - Storage - Warehouses

House Calls: Our in-home consultations are free and complimentary. We can meet during business hours as well as early evenings and weekends.

Solutions: We tailor solutions to your circumstance and use many home or storage clearing strategies to bring your items in for consignment.

We can assit your consignment even if it's in a condo

Process: Every home contains four types of personal property; items to be kept, items to sell, items to donate and items brought to a landfill. We help with each of these.

Consignment is easy even if your items are in storage

We Move You: We regularly move whole households, pick up from storage, or empty out the contents of condos or apartments. We are experienced, and insured.

Our Estate Consignment Process

Bosendorfer Piano in Our Fine Estate, Inc. Estate Showroom
We Can Arrange Pick Ups-Vector-LineIcons-Marketing-Outlined-93

Pick Up: We can arrange a prompt pickup of your items. Our staff is covered by Workers Comp and we carry Liability and Property Damage Insurance.


Evaluate: We use the most up to date price realized data-bases to append values to your items to reflect current market trends and consumer expectations.

We Photograph Your Items

Photography: We photograph high value items and use these in shopper emails, promotions and as a visual reference for online sales.

We Sell Your Items

Sales: We sell your consigned items in our monthly showroom sales and make these items availble for purchase in our online shop.

We Promote the Sale of Your Consignments

Interior of the Fine Estate, Inc. Estate Showroom
email marketing

We send thousands of emails for each Showroom Sale

Our Website is Key

Our website is an information hub detailing upcoming sales

We Send Postcards

We send out thousands of postcards to our shoppers.

We Digitally Promote Our Sales

We post and promote our sales to Facebook and Instagram

We Have Been In Business Since 1996

Interior of the Fine Estate, Inc. Estate Showroom

We have helped countless San Francisco Bay Area families. We have found and revealed the treasure hidden in their homes, wiped away their tears and listened to their story's. We are proud to say that we are founding members of (NESA) The National Estate Sales Association; that we follow their ethical code. We care about our clients, we endeavor towards their goals, and succeed in assisting them towards each of them.

Schedule a Phone Consultation for Consignment

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