Showroom and Auction Consignment

Fine Jewelry
Marriage Jewelry from India sold by fine estate

Before selling your jewelry to a metals dealer for scrap value, give us a call. We often sell jewelry for values that exceed their base metals prices. We have a GIA Graduate Gemologist on staff.

Vintage Watches
Vintage Rolex Watch Sold sold by fine estate

We have sold all manner of watches, including Bulgari, Bulova, Cartier, Hermes, LeCoultre, Movado, Omega, Piaget and Rolex as well as many other quality brands and styles of watches.

Mid-Century Furniture
mid century chairs and ottoman

Our consignment showroom has had the good fortune to both source the best in Mid-Century furniture as well as to have a ready to buy customer base eager to purchase the rarest of the rare at a moments notice.

1967 Morgan sold by Fine Estate

We can sell your collectible or newer car. Our process is to have it detailed, smog checked, and looked at by a mechanic. We photograph it, write up a complete listing and use effective marketing to sell it.

Sterling Silver
Set of Sterling Flatware by Buccellati in the Laura Pattern sold by fine estate

We sell silver from every part of the  world,  including from Asia, America, England, France and Russia. Using our extensive research library we are able to identify Sterling Silver from anywhere in the world.

Old Toys

We sell everything from old board games to pinball machines. When cast iron toys from the 20's and diecast toys from the 40's and 50's show up in our showroom they are quickly purchased by collectors.

Fine Art
Percy Gray Painting sold by fine estate

We employ the same research databases auction houses do. We have art specialists with years of experience. We photograph and market, and expertly display art in the manner of a gallery of museum.

Vintage & Couture
Vintage Fashion items sold by fine estate

If couture clothing, designer handbags, hand made shoes, belts and scarves are filling up your closet, then consigning them to Fine Estate is the perfect way to reach sophisticated Bay Area shoppers.


Consign your collections of fine porcelains, clocks or rare books with confidence. We will research values and offer them for sale to customers who attend our monthly consignment sales.

Household Items

Let the best sell the rest, and the rest sell the best, that is our philosophy. We know  that in addition to you wanting to sell your valuable items you also want to sell your average every day household items.

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