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Barry Petri Hubei Turquoise Bracelet


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Barry Petri Sterling and Natural High Grade Green Hubei Turquoise Bracelet

…3 Large Natural Hubei Turquoise Stones Presenting on the Top…Two Fox Turquoise Stones on the Inside…

Top Layer: Bead in Square Stamps act as Bezels for Three Fine Turquoise Stones – Center Stone is Flanked on Both Sides with Elongated Feathered Triangles – Terminating with All Direction Crosses in Square Stamps.

Middle Layer: Smooth Diamonds flaked by Spoke Stamps Set Between Irregular Sawtooth Ridge Stamps Beneath Lined Vaults of Sky – Punctuated at Intervals with Spoked Triangle Stamps .

Base Layer: Lined Diamond Stamps.

Inside of Bracelet: From Center Inside – In the middle are a Pair of Dotted Petal Flower Stamps – Two Rectangular Fox Turquoise Cabachons – Large Webbed Triangular Stamps…Bordered top and bottom with Back to Back Animal Tracks

Total Number of Stamps Used: 17

Circa: 2012

Total Inside Circumference 7 3/4″
Gap Width: 1 1/4″ Width: 1 3/8″ Material Sterling
Total Weight: 195.6 Grams = 6.28 Troy Oz.

Clearly Marked: Petri – Sterling – U.S.A.