Auction Services

Our auction placement service consigns and sells your collections to their best advantage, by strategically placing them within the proper auction.

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Our specialists are thoroughly dedicated to research, as well as to maintaining solid relationships with auction industry connections world wide. In this way we are able to generate the highest possible auction results for our clients and the estates we work with.

Finding High Value Antiques and Collectibles In An Estate, Is Not Uncommon.

When we find high value antiques or collectibles in an estate, we never attempt to sell or incorporate those items into an on-site estate sale.
Instead we selectively place and consign your valuables with an appropriate auction house; matching the specific category of your item to the specialization of the correct auction house.

We Recommend Our Auction Placement Service When:

  1. You have items that would benefit from competitive bidding.
  2. You have single high value items or special collections.
  3. You have items needing national or international attention.
  4. You have items in storage needing to be sold.

Questions and Answers About Our Auction Placement Service:

  1. How do we choose the right auction house?
  2. Will we consign all of your property to one auction house?
  3. Do all auction houses produce the same results?
  4. Can we deal with storage lockers?

We Choose The Right Auction House.

We understand how each auction house specializes, what each is best at, and we use this knowledge to decide which auction house, whether local or national, best matches the needs of our clients.

We Recommend Our Auction Placement Service When:

In our experience, we find that more often then not, because of the diversity of most peoples collecting habits, consigning to several different auction houses offers our clients better auction channels, and more robust price points, than consigning to any one single auction ever could.

We Know That Each Auction House Produces Different Results

Because most auction houses fall into one or two categories – They are either “General Household Goods Or Estates Sales Auction Houses” or they are “Specialty Auction Houses.”
Past Auction results are the best gauge of how any Auction House may presently perform. We subscribe to many different past auction sales data bases. This allows us to thoroughly research any particular auction house, their results, and how strong their marketing efforts generate those results, within any given antiques or collectibles category or sub-category.

We Have Auction Strategies For Your Storage Items.

Estates which have been stored away, almost forgotten, often for many years, create special challenges for executives and heirs. The biggest of which is, most people do not know, or remember everything that they have in storage.

They wish there was some way to lay it all out, so that they could see it. We have helped many clients who found themselves in this position.

We Translate Auction House Jargon, Explain Policies, And Remove Hidden Fees.

Some Past Auction Sales Results

Eduard Gaertner Painting Sold For $266,000.00

Michael Price Dress Knife Sold For $93,000.00

Violin by Carlo Fernando Landolphi Sold For $59,750.00

Georgian Style Gilt Bronze Bracket Clock Sold For $50,000.00

Chinese Blanc de Chine Sold for $35,000.00

Collection of Coca Cola Tip Trays Sold For $34,175.00

Louis XVI Style Marble Top Commodes Circa 1900 Sold For $16,000

Three Spanish Guitars Sold For $14,000.00

John Coburn Australian Painting $10,648.00

2 Moorcroft Inkwells Sold For $5,200.00